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Materamo prodotti tipici

Materamo prodotti tipici Matera

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Materamo Prodotti Tipici

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  1. Welcome to Materamo
  2. How to visit Matera typical products
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logo Sassi di Matera

Sassi di Matera


Welcome to Materamo

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Materamo offers typical local products. Lucan cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and products.

In the shop you will find some of the best truffles in the world and many of its derivatives. In addition to traditional Lucan dishes.

At Materamo you will find high quality pasta produced with local wheat in regional formats. Soups based on legumes and cereals are known.

Materamo also offers a variety of oil products, cereals, legumes and much more.

So, whether you are looking for a typical Lucan product or something more special, Materamo certainly has what you are looking for.

You can buy the products directly in the Typical Products section

How to visit Matera typical products

MaterAmo is a project born out of love for the city of Matera, the city of the Sassi and good food. You can find it in via Ascanio Persio 25 near the main square.

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Ticket price Free

Free entry. Upon reservation, tasting for a fee


Hours may vary depending on the season


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Materamo prodotti tipici


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