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  1. Welcome to Tufa’s small sculptures
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Welcome to Tufa’s small sculptures

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The small tuff sculptures of Tufa Piccole Sculture are unique and original home decor pieces, the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a project that embodies the essence of its creators’ dreams.

Each sculpture is characterized by the individual veins and imperfections of the stone, and contains emotions and memories for those who choose to embark on a journey of unique discovery.

Tufa’s small sculptures allow for a multisensory journey, allowing you to touch the stone with your hands, observe its imperfections and porosity, smell its fragrance, and imagine its new life.

Each element is handmade and produced in limited series, designed to be unique and timeless, capable of harmonizing with any environment and enhancing its details in an extraordinary way.

Find your small sculpture and it will be with you forever.

How to visit Tufa Small Sculptures

In via Buozzi access from via Casalnuovo

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Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 10.00 alle 20.00


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Tufa Piccole Sculture 14

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Tufa Piccole Sculture 5

Tufa Piccole Sculture 4

Tufa Piccole Sculture 3

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Tufa Piccole Sculture


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